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ISO Media Group is a 360 media firm that specializes in everything from audio recording, to web design, to apparel. But more than that ISO is a mindset that says that in order to achieve change people, in harmony, must combine their talents to separate from the ordinary. We live and operate by the simple mantra:
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We provide effective solutions in audio recording, mixing and mastering, production, sound design, photography, and videography.

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Let us help you design a website for you or your business. We provide expert user experience practices.

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Whether you're an individual or company, we can help you get to where you want to be with services in branding, marketing campaign creation, and consulting.


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In January 2020, IMHOT3P followed up his 2016 EP with his first full length album, “OASIS”. Three years in the making, the project is entirely written, produced, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by IMHOT3P. Featuring a prominent dose of live guitar, synths, and entrancing production, the project seamlessly weaves together RnB, Electronic, Indie, and Hip Hop elements.

June(.) - HotBoxTimeMachine

HotBoxTimeMachine is a stoner’s paradise. It’s one of the most nostalgic pieces of work to come out in recent time. This project is very cohesive and is referred to as a “television show with multiple seasons” and it really lives up to that claim. The show stars a character named “Earl GreenPearl” & it follows him around the early 2000s as he does various things. The best part is, everything takes places in the HotBox. The project is comprised of 17 tracks with 3 of the tracks being skits and 3 tracks being episodes centered around GreenPearl. There’s even a theme song for the show x a song made by EGP himself.

Ankobia - Pure Lands

I made this project because I had to get out content. From an expressive, emotional, and creative standpoint this project was necessary. This project was more so inspired by single thoughts and emotions versus any single event or situation. I write my music in pieces, rarely is it one song at a time so arranging it with the music was definitely an obstacle. I view my music as art. I think sometime's although we are called artists, we view our music as more of a product for consumption versus a masterpiece to be admired. I'm not really concerned with the consumption, charts, rankings, etc. But more so how does my music make my listener feel. I think a lot of people are desensitized and I once said that that they're lucky because empathy is intense. I want my listener to empathize with me, vibe with me. I want them to feel what I was feeling in that moment, in that verse. I want it to be an emotional experience, one for observation, and reflection.

IMHOT3P - The City of Wind

Under the moniker “IMHOT3P” Luqmann Ruth debuts his first project entitled “The City of Wind.” Combining Indie, Jazz, Electronic, and RnB vibes IMHOT3P leads you through a musical journey discussing the transience of life, love, emotions and situations in the City of Wind.  “Seasons change, people change, and nothing remains the same.”


Here at ISO Media Group, we provide superb audio recording, engineering and mastering. Standard rates are $30 per hour of studio time. Mixing and mastering rates depend on scope of project. Physical studio is located in Chicago, IL.

Contact ISOMediaGroup1@gmail.com or call 773-860-7253 for more information.


We strive to provide complete media solutions. When it comes to instrumentals and beat leasing, this is no different. Below we have a few snippets from IMHOT3P highlighted. If you would like to lease a beat, receive a similar beat, or would like for us to create something different for you reach out to us.

Contact ISOMediaGroup1@gmail.com or call 773-860-7253.

The Monthly Breakdown

Each issue will feature news from music, sports, fashion, television, entertainment, and more. Our goal here isn't for you to spend your morning reading about what's happening in the news, but to give you a quick look into the culture. The Breakdown is a snapshot of stories and articles that you care about. You will want to know what's going on, so you might delve deeper later on.

Every month we'll also give you a brief analysis of the month's hottest music. We might even put you on something you hadn't heard before with our monthly curated playlist available for download and streaming on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.

Our resident fashionista, Kobi, will hook you up with how to stay on trend for every season in our "Kobi's Fashion Tips" section.

Long story short - we're helping you stay in touch with the news and music you care about, helping you stay fresh, and hopefully giving you a laugh or two along the way.

Issue 3 / Volume 4 - april 13th, 2022

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